Case Studies

Woodstock School

A 160 year old international school located 7000 feet up in the Indian Himalayas needed a complete media make over

Woodstock School is an international boarding school founded in 1854 in the tiny village of Landour, 7000 feet up in the Indian Himalayas.  To its alumni, it holds a very special place in their memories and in their hearts.

Our challenge was to convey the emotional place the school has to those that know it well, while communicating a clear commercial message to those that are new to the school.  Our goal was to create an in-house library of photos and videos that would have value to the school for years to come and would be able to be used in a variety of print and online projects.

Our team created a library of images and videos that communicated the schools message on student recruitment, fundraising, and the vision of the school.  The photos and videos are now the centre piece of the school’s new website, social media efforts, communication to donors, and were even produced into a new calendar for the community.

When we were recently there to start production on five new videos for Woodstock, we heard from several students and teachers, “Your videos are the reason that I’m here.”  Its probably the most direct validation of the power of video that we’ve experienced so far.

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Singapore American School

One of the best examples of teamwork with a client in our entire career

When we first started working with Singapore American School (SAS) about four years ago, we didn’t know what to expect.  Their reputation as one of the top international schools in the world was a bit intimidating.  Everything they did seemed to be the best in class.  But, as we found out very quickly, their people were completely inviting, inclusive, supportive, and absolutely great to work with.

At that time, they were new to the world of video – and we were new to the world of international schools.  So from the start of our partnership, we were learning together as a team – bouncing ideas off of each other, challenging limitations of what was the “norm”, pushing each other to do better work, and planning together to create a series of videos that would tell the incredible story of Singapore American School – to prospective students, teachers, and alumni.

Today, more than 15 videos later, SAS is several years ahead of any school that we know of in terms of both its experience and understanding of using video in school communications.

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World Vision India

The world's largest child-focused NGO had important stories to tell

With more and more international schools incorporating service and trips into their curriculum, there is much that we can learn from the closely related world of NGOs and their experience in working with video.

This project was a bit of a dream job for us.  With several decades of experience living and working in the country, India is a very special place to us.  So when the opportunity came to be able to tell stories of hope and change for some of its poorest citizens, we jumped in with both feet.

World Vision India is doing incredible work to empower children and families across India, and our challenge was to respect and support that work by being authentic in telling their stories.  These were not long form documentaries.  Its easy to be real in docos.  These were to be television ads aired on national television in India, some as short as 20 seconds.  We worked with children to tell their own stories.  We tried hard to balance truth with editing, acting with honesty – and the result is two stories that connect with the heart.

Another lesson learned from this project was how to work with differing lengths of video to tell varying depths of the same story.  As you’ll see in the gallery here, each video has a version that is 2.5 minutes, 60 seconds, 30 seconds, and 20 seconds long.

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