Most schools understand the need to communicate with their community on a regular basis and that the most efficient way to do so is with social media.  But having a YouTube channel and being active on Facebook isn’t quite enough.  In order to really engage a community you need to have engaging content – content that connects with the viewer, is relevant to what they are interested in, and is timely.

That’s why we are so excited about producing videos for social media.  It checks all the boxes.

Singapore American School, one of our favourite clients, has a unique educational program called Catalyst that ends with presentations of individual student projects.  We wanted to showcase the diversity of the project topics and celebrate the culmination of the program – and have fun doing it.  We also challenged ourselves to do something different than we had ever done for a school.  New style, new look, new feel.

We hope you enjoy the results in this first video of a series of three we just did for SAS: