We approach each project in a systematic way to guarantee long term success for our clients.  We first have a DISCOVERY meeting to help us fully understand the unique attributes of your school.  We then build a STRATEGY to develop a series of specific videos to meet your communication goals.  The key to a successful video production is in the details of the PLANNING and we work very closely with your staff to pre-plan each step of the production process.  When it comes to PRODUCTION, we work efficiently within the confines of your school schedule to create the most content that we can in the given timeframe.  We then DELIVER our videos and photographs on time, on budget, with the goal of exceeding our clients expectations.

We value the long term relationships that build with our clients to ensure their success not just for one project, but well into the future.  To date, we have produced more than 40 school videos for clients in Singapore, India, and Thailand, with many more in the works.  Explore some of our success stories with the link below: