We believe that an international school that charges US$30,000 per year for tuition should not be solely relying on the Director of Marketing Communications to create its core marketing videos and photos with her iPhone.

But, yeah, we’re biased.  We believe in professionalism.  And so do you.

But we also understand that school budgets don’t allow the hiring of video and photo professionals to cover every basketball game, every after school event, and every 9th grade science experiment.

That’s where media training comes in.

We believe that a successful communications content strategy includes elements of hiring professionals and training in-house media teams, both at the same time.  We love working with our clients, but we don’t like to create dependency on us.  We are not cheap and we understand what limited budgets are all about.  So we’ve developed training programs that can help your staff and students to fulfil some of the photo and video needs of your school – with professionalism and brand consistency.  From shooting to editing to creating content for social media, we’ve helped schools combine hiring our team and training theirs for maximum success.

Contact us at for more information about how we can help you improve your game.  Or start it.

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