SchoolHouse Creatives is led by Alexander Manton and Helen Barry and specializes in helping the top international schools in Asia tell their unique stories by empowering them with marketing communication tools such as world class videos and photographs.

Alex is an American photographer and cinematographer from New York City, based in Asia for the past three decades. With 130 years of family history in education in Asia and having attended an international school himself, he understands the specific needs that international schools face.

Helen is originally from Australia but has spent many years living in Asia, working with clients in several industries. As our Producer, she does a great job making sure that clients’ needs are met and that productions run smoothly. Our clients love the way that she makes their lives easier every step of the way.

We are based in Singapore, but have shot in nearly every country in Asia for both educational and corporate clients, with a particular emphasis on India, Thailand, and China.