We are SchoolHouse Creatives.

We provide creative solutions to the marketing and communication needs of the top international schools in Asia.

We are storytellers.

We help you tell the unique story of your international school through stunning videos and photographs.

Real stories. Real moments. Real people.

We are team players.

Through training and consulting, we help our school clients take on new challenges and get to where they want to be.

SchoolHouse Creatives is led by Alexander Manton and Helen Barry and specializes in helping the top international schools in Asia tell their unique stories by empowering them with marketing communication tools such as world class videos and photographs.

Alex is an American photographer and cinematographer from New York City, based in Asia for the past three decades.  With 130 years of family history in education in Asia and having attended an international school himself, he understands the specific needs that international schools face.

Helen is originally from Australia but has spent many years living in Asia, working with clients in several industries.  As our Producer, she does a great job making sure that clients’ needs are met and that productions run smoothly.  Our clients love the way that she makes their lives easier every step of the way.

We are based in Singapore, but have shot in nearly every country in Asia for both educational and corporate clients, with a particular emphasis on India, Thailand, and China.

SchoolHouse Creatives finds creative solutions to the marketing and communication needs of the top international schools in Asia.  We help schools tell their unique stories – with professionalism and authenticity.

Our core strength is in producing compelling videos and stunning photographs – both at the same time.  Shooting both types of content on the same shoot not only saves valuable time and money for our clients but also creates a stronger brand identity through visual continuity.  When the photos look like the videos and the videos look like the photos, the audience remembers both better.

We also have recently added services that include motion logos, training in-house school teams in video production, and will soon add the services of very experienced specialist consultants in the fields of alumni relations, fundraising, and strategic communications.  Please explore these services through the links below.

But we don’t plan to stop there.  Over the past few years, we have been listening and taking notes.  Our research shows us that there is a much broader suite of services that would be helpful to our clients that cover the entire spectrum of marketing communications for schools in Asia.  These include website development, graphic design, strategic writing, digital marketing, and branding.  Watch this space as we announce exciting new services we will provide through partnerships with some of the top educational service providers in the world.

We are excited to be rolling out some of these additional services in 2019.

We approach each project in a systematic way to guarantee long term success for our clients.  We first have a DISCOVERY meeting to help us fully understand the unique attributes of your school.  We then build a STRATEGY to develop a series of specific videos and photos to meet your communication goals.  The key to a successful production is in the details of the PLANNING and we work very closely with your staff to pre-plan each step of the production process.  When it comes to PRODUCTION, we work efficiently within the confines of your school schedule to create the most content that we can in the given timeframe.  We then DELIVER our videos and photographs on time, on budget, with the goal of exceeding our clients expectations.  We value the long term relationships that we build with our clients to ensure their success – not just for one project, but well into the future.

To date, we have produced more than 150 school videos for clients in Singapore, India, China and Thailand, with many more in the works.  Explore some of our success stories with the link below:

Most schools understand the need to communicate with their community on a regular basis and that the most efficient way to do so is with social media.  But having a YouTube channel and being active on Facebook isn’t quite enough.  In order to really engage a community you need to have engaging content – content that connects with the viewer, is relevant to what they are interested in, and is timely.

That’s why we are so excited about producing videos for social media.  It checks all the boxes.

Singapore American School, one of our favourite clients, has a unique educational program called Catalyst that ends with presentations of individual student projects.  We wanted to showcase the diversity of the project topics and celebrate the culmination of the program – and have fun doing it.  We also challenged ourselves to do something different than we had ever done for a school.  New style, new look, new feel.

We hope you enjoy the results in this first video of a series of three we just did for SAS:

We could not be happier that we chose SchoolHouse Creatives.  Our school videos have never received so much positive feedback, even within our own community.

Tam Fawcett
Ruamrudee International School, Bangkok

Working with SchoolHouse Creatives was a dream.  Their passion is clear in the final product, which blew me away.  I would strongly recommend them to any institution.

Kriti Paul-Gera
American Embassy School, New Delhi

We have worked with SchoolHouse Creatives for over five years. They have the ability to enter any situation and generate relationships with individuals that allow them to then capture authentic images and videos. 

Kyle Aldus
Singapore American School, Singapore

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